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"1 of 10 events that will help you grow in 2018" - INC.


Stacking Growth Summit IV

The purpose of the event is to bring the top growth marketers in the industry to speak and share their insights.

The main focus is to extract tactical information from some of the best in the industry. It's a no BS type of conference that will have you walking away with growth tactics that you can use for your own endeavor.


Stacking Growth Summit IV Speakers

Jason Wong

Founder @ Wonghaus Ventures | Creator of Holy Meme Bible

Ashar Alam

Manages 7 figures in Facebook Ads per month

Ben Ricciardi

CEO at Times10

Melissa Rodriguez

Founder at Social Media Relations

Willie Green

Founder of Party on Demand

Justin Wu

ICO Growth Expert

Thomas Ma

FOMO Marketer at Sapphire Apps

Juan Campos

Manos Accelerator via Google Launchpad

Blake Ricciardi

Founder & CEO at Popular Demands

Abtin Masseratagah

Delivered over 1 Billion impressions in 2017

Tim Burd

Co-Founder at Agency Y

Warren Jolly

Founder at adQuadrant 

Rachel Bell

Co-founder @ Trill Media

Yuval Rechter

Head of Digital at First Media US

The Agenda

June 9th

Day of growth summit

9AM - 10AM

Morning Reception and Registration

Check in, grab your badges and start to network with fellow growth marketers.

9:40AM to 10AM


Welcoming remarks from your co-host

10AM to 10:30AM

How to deliver a winning pitch

Presented by Willie Green, Founder of Party on Demand.

Voted one of the best pitch of Startup fest.

Featured on Venture Beat

See the pitch here

10:30AM TO 11:00PM

The Top 5 Reasons Customers Abandon At Point Of Sale & How To Patch Holes In Your Quarterly Profits

Presented by: Joseph Lazukin

Joseph is a customer experience and data scientist. Having recovered millions of dollars for companies and celebrity brands, Joseph is the creative mind behind the scenes of many of the world's largest international brands, improving customer experience along KPIs (key performance indicators) by addressing the top 5 psychological reasons for customer abandonment at point of sale.

11AM to 11:30AM

Building a Successful Product

Presented by: Jason Wong

For almost a decade, Jason Wong has been at the forefront of identifying Internet trends and developing creative contents to narrate a story for himself and brands.

With an early start in establishing a presence on Chinese social platforms and later on major American social media outlets, Jason was able to uniquely bridge the gap between influencers and brand to build a media agency and multiple viral product labels under it. 

A natural problem-solver, he has continually refined his business development skills to tackle problems for companies of varying industries, and today runs Wonghaus Ventures, a venture studio, built on the concept of cultivating brands innovating in the digital advertising and consumer product space.

11:30AM to NOON

Influencer Marketing Panel Discussion

Mobile Apps Growth Panel

Moderator: Anish Dalal

Achieved over 15M downloads in the Apple app store without spending a cent through ASO tactics.

Panelist 1: Nick Weinberg, Head of Growth @

#10 finance app in the app store.

Meet Dave: an Ail dressed up in a bearsuit that’s just launched to save you from the evils of expensive overdraft fees. Hand Dave access to your checking account and the app’s machine learning algorithmswill get busy crunching your spending data so the bearcan warn you about pending transactions — like a monthly subscription for Netflix or your typical Saturday night Uber bill — which mightpush you into the red and incur an expensive bank penalty.

Panelist 2: Haseeb Tariq, Mobile Marketing @ GUESS? INC.

Haseeb is currently leading the mobile marketing strategy and focuses on mobile analytics, engagement, and partnerships for GUESS? Inc.'s mobile division. He brings over 10+ years of experience in founding internet startups and business ventures and has helped brands achieve 800k app downloads.

NOON to 12:30PM

B2B Growth Hacking Panel 

Moderator: Bernard Ablola

About Bernard:
Bernard Ablola is Managing Director of Think Strategy, a B2B marketing agency based in Irvine, CA. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of Growth Marketing. 

Prior to his role at Think Strategy, Bernard managed over $25MM in advertising for Microsoft’s premier clients. He is an active board member for Holistic Life Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit, that teaches children mindfulness through yoga. 

He received his BA from University of Baltimore and his MBA from Seattle University. On the weekends, you can find him skateboarding through California, with his Pomsky.

Melissa Rodriguez

About Melissa:
Melissa Rodríguez is the founder of Social Media Relations a digital marketing agency focus on B2C and B2B lead generation.  Melissa specializes in consumer insights and funnel strategies that help organizations utilize emerging digital trends to stay relevant and at the forefront of their potential consumers. 

Prior to this Melissa was a Consultant for over 6 years with Ernst & Young, specializing in the Media & Entertainment sector, where she worked closely alongside clients such as Disney and it’s subsidiary ESPN on their digital efforts strategy. 

Melissa has recently launched Mel Rodriguez & Co. a targeted consumer-focused marketing agency that helps companies break into the Hispanic market and tap into a 1.8 Trillion dollar market share. 

12:30PM to 1PM

Going viral on Facebook Keynote

Presented by:
Yuval Rechter, Head of Digital at First Media

At First Media, Yuval has been responsible for the launch of Blossom, So Yummy and Blusher, as well as launching sponsored campaigns with the leading CPGs, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Dollar Shave Club and more.First Media has been in the list of "Top Ten Publishers" of Tubular Labs in the past year and Blossom was #1 with 50 million views per post (Tasty from BuzzFeed has been #2 with 14M per post).

First Media holds a record for the most shared and watched video in the history of Facebook with over 400 million views and 12 million shares.Before joining First Media, Yuval was VP Product and Growth at Dealply Tech. Before that, he was VP Business Development at Milgam Cellular Parking (Pango+), where he led the Mobile wallet payment platform in Israel with over 1 million active users. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School Of Management.

1PM to 2PM

Enjoy lunch. Network with fellow attendees.

2PM to 2:30PM

Organic Growth: Hacking the White Hat Way

Moderator: Juan Felipe Campos

Juan Felipe Campos serves as Partner and VP of Technology at Manos Accelerator in partnership with Google Launchpad. He has graduated his company NomadApp from the largest accelerator in the world, Plug and Play, and the Go Silicon Valley program. Juan helps run the largest digital marketing community in Silicon Valley with over 20,000 members. He serves on the board of directors of green construction tech company Greenovate Construction and Argentina’s Examining Board of Tech Accelerators. His companies have been featured in major publications including Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes.

Joseph Walters, CEO of Club Social

Joseph Walters is the Founder and CEO of Club Social, Inc, a social media advertising agency with more than 12 million followers on Instagram. Club Social has provided native branded content advertising services for brands like Staples, AOL, and got milk? Mr. Walters graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Honors College at UCLA with a degree in Economics, and will be attending Stanford Law School and Stanford Graduate School of Business as a Joint JD/MBA candidate beginning in the fall of 2018.

Rachel Bell, Co-founder @ Trill Media

Rachel is an organic Instagram growth & marketing strategist who helps brands maximize their influence, impact, and audience size. In the past 12 months she’s helped her clients collectively gain millions of followers and has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Huff Post, CBS, FOX for her work. Rachel is also co-founder of the Instagram growth agency, Trill Media. She’s also super cute and funny and you should follow her - @rachelbell. :P

Hana Giraldo

Hana is one of the most influential people her age with over 500K following on Instagram. As a multi-talented singer, actress, designer and social media influencer her work has amounted to over 1 billion views.

Her YouTube collaborations include work with Julius Dean, Ray Diaz, Twan Kuyper, and many others. As an influencer, Hana has done work with brands like Adidas, Charcoal Teeth Whitening, Tinder and more. She has figured out the secrets of SMM and scaling business results to new heights on social.

2:30PM to 3PM

Creating great content panel discussion

Blake Ricciardi - CEO @ Popular Demand

About Blake:
From his early New England beginnings to his explosive success in Los Angeles, Blake Ricciardi has strategically built a new-age empire from scratch. The Boston native has achieved great success as an entrepreneur, social influencer and market leader by unapologetically going against the grain.

After powering through high school with a clinical ADD diagnosis, Blake bypassed the traditional route to the ‘American dream,’ quitting college midway through his sophomore year. Since then, he has directly impacted the success of multi-million-dollar companies by pushing the conventional boundaries of marketing, creative, design and business.Armed with diverse experiences with music artists, professional athletes and established and upcoming clothing brands, Blake was exceptionally well prepared for his move to Los Angeles years ago.

He launched Popular Demand with a mere four t-shirt designs, zero fanfare and no financial backing. The brand has since sold millions of dollars of product annually and has been worn by celebrities ranging from Diddy to Cardi B to Kevin Durant to DJ Khaled. In just under six years, Popular Demand has partnered on creative projects with companies ranging from Budweiser to XBOX to Def Jam Records and has been featured on HBO, Fox, ESPN, USA Today, Viceland and MTV.

A respected leader, Blake has been featured as a guest speaker and panelist at numerous marketing, social media and entrepreneurship-related events, as well as on TV and radio. Blake founded his newest company, Brand Wolves, as a means of establishing a unique and effective platform to build new businesses and brands for today's ever-changing world. With so many exciting potential opportunities ahead of him, Blake continues to push the boundaries of entrepreneurship and contemporary business.

Ben Ricciardi: Founder @ Times10

About Ben:
Times10 is not just a name. It is a direct reference to the power that results from multiplying effort, experience, and alliances, with extraordinary clients in order to achieve what drives us each day… the unwavering desire to turn heads, to exceed expectations and to maximize the successes of those who employ our services.

At Times10, we leave ordinary for someone else. Our exceptional clients and the valued alliances within our wide network of winners share our unwavering commitment to making magic happen. We pride ourselves on jumping all in, which is why we selectively choose to work on only a limited number of opportunities at any given time.

3PM to 4PM

1 hour Facebook Audit Session

Moderator: Ashar Alam

Ashar is the founder of Strategic Marketers, a California-based Facebook Ad Agency that specializes in high ticket sales for conferences, live events and seminars using the direct response model. 

Strategic Marketers currently manages a portfolio of $2MM+ in monthly ad spend and has generated over $80MM+ in sales for its clients.

He is the father of 2 young boys, 4 and 7, and teaches them leadership and entrepreneurship.

In his spare time, he volunteers at a national organization, helping men become stronger leaders, fathers, and members of the community. He is an avid reader, community leader and enjoys downtime with his family.

Warren Jolly

Warren is the CEO of adQuadrant, a leading social media advertising firm focused on customer acquisition across top verticals including ecommerce, legal, insurance and financial services. Under Warren’s leadership, adQuadrant is a Facebook Global Top 1000 advertiser out of 5+ million advertisers and 1 of 33 Certified Snapchat Ads Partners.

A serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Warren founded his first digital marketing business at age 17, and has received multiple recognitions for his continued success, including being named on the Empact100 List for entrepreneurs under 30 and 40 UNDER 40 M&A Advisor Recognition Award. Today he is an investor, advisor, or board member in more than 10 companies.

Tim Burd:

I'm a co-founder at Agency Y and we currently operate the largest Facebook ad buying group in the world. Starting with as little as $30k, I’ve built and sold online businesses that generated $5-10 million a year within 12 months of creation. After 13 years of nonstop internet advertising, I’ve taken the last 6 years to travel the world and help companies leverage the power of the web by focusing on Facebook ads. 

As Facebook Ad Buyers approaches 50,000 members, we are still the only group to provide companies with advanced Facebook ad training on a personal basis completely free of charge. My passion is helping businesses of all sizes connect with customers through digital advertising in the most efficient way possible. The group has created a competitive environment where each member wants to be the most helpful.

4PM to 4:30PM

6 weeks to 6 figures Keynote

Speaker: Justin Wu

I'm a growth marketer & Information Architecture. Currently am the Head of Growth for CoinCircle. I run all things growth for Blockchain companies.If you'd like to chat about your project - feel free to drop me a message.In terms of growth,

I've helped brands achieve over $3m in Kickstarter, 500k downloads in the app store and taken SaaS companies to over $100k MRR / $1MM ARR.In the past, I have founded several startups with various levels of success & failures.

In parallel to all my work, I also create content daily where I share insights on how to generate growth across channels.In parallel to all my work, I'm also a content creator in the growth marketing space. I share my insights.I've collaborated with the Wall St Journal, CES, NASA, NASDAQ & been sponsored by Samsung, Intel, New Balance.

4:30PM to 5:00PM

How to optimize your eccomerce brand

Presented by: Abtin Masseratagah

Since the age of 13, Abtin Masseratagah who is now a 23 year old Toronto Social Media Machine has been building social media accounts and has amassed a following of over 13MM followers of his own through twitter and instagram.

He has worked with artists such as a Nicky Romero, Seven Lions, Brands such as Ivory Ella, Stargaze Jewelry and many apps to help them build their followings and achieve their goals.

In 2017, Abtin has delivered over 1 Billion impressions through his own private network that he owns. Abtin also does campaign organization for larger products and gets unique pricing through individuals that he has known for the last decade and assisted within the influencer marketing world. He is able to complete high profile projects at a fraction of the price a typical agency would receive at a faster speed with methods he has mastered and created himself over the last decade of his career.

5PM to 5:30PM

Influencer Marketing Panel

Thomas Ma - Co-founder @Sapphire Apps

Hi! I’m a viral marketer for B2C brands and the co-founder of Sapphire Apps.We beat traditional media expenses and help clients make their product TREND. We leverage our influencer network of over 500 influencers with a reach of 500M.

We focus on CPA and CPI campaigns for brands.Company Achievements:-100k app downloads in 30 days for a major client-Ranked lucrative keywords in the top 10 for a Shark Tank company-Worked with over 500 apps and accumulated millions of users in our internal portfolio.-Delivered over 100M social media engagement (Using Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit) Clients include Shark Tank companies, Top 50 Social Media Apps, Fortune 500, celebrities, and more.

Brittney Washington, Director of Marketing at Grant and Labels Marketing and Sales Group

Brittney Washington is the Marketing Director for Grant and Labels Marketing Group in Riverside, CA. Founded in 2016 her team focuses on retail products & social media growth in the Vape and Beauty industry.

While help building the beginning social stage of companies such as and GymWrap, she has a focus on finding and building brands by finding their unique capabilities. Brittney’s team highlights the deep connection between products brand persona and social media through creative posts, influencer marketing and team collaboration.

Mike Le, Lead Photographer for Popular Demand

Monica Lin, Director of Marketing at Popular Demand

Monica Lin aka Thundercup has served as Popular Demand's marketing director for the past 6 years and recently co-founded women's eyewear brand, Eyelust. 

Although Monica stays plenty busy curating buzzed-about events and keeping Popular Demand and Eyelust in the spotlight, she’s also managed to build a name for herself through partnerships and activations with industry heavy weights like adidas, Fashion Nova, Puma, and Nike. She devotes her free time to women's empowerment and mentoring young creatives who hope to someday be involved in this field.

5:30PM to 8 PM

Networking Mixer



June 9, 2018


55A East Orange Grove Ave Burbank, California 91502 View Map




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