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"1 of 10 events that will help you grow in 2019" - INC.


Stacking Growth Summit VI

We’re an elite community that brings together the top influencers, brands, and marketing trailblazers.

Join us as we come together to unite the best in the industry to share the latest tactics that work. Top brands such as Adidas, Nike, GUESS, FOX, NBA, Disney, TikTok, Under Armour, ABC, Twitch, Marvel, Golden State Warriors, and many more have attended in the past.


Stacking Growth Summit VI Speakers

Chris Rose

Head of Retail and Performance Marketing at GUESS

Ryan Cummins

Co-Founder & Vice Chair

Dante Santiago

CEO & Founder of Ghettro Inc

Shannon Pruitt

President at SMPI Marketing

Arri Bagah

CEO of ROAS Positive | Scaled 7 figure companies with Facebook Chatbots

Roman Tsunder

Co-Founder & CEO at PTTOW! + WORLDZ

The Wilking Sisters

Social Media Influencers on TikTok

Ashar Alam

Managing Partner at Strategic Marketing | Manages 7 figure + FB ads

Bernard Ablola

B2B SaaS Lead Generator for 7-8 figure companies

Caitlin O'Connor

Social Media Creator 500k+ Followers

Kendra Zager

Social Media Producer | Worked with Playboy, MTV, Buzzfeed, and more

Jack Paxton

Co-founder of RGrowth

Jason Fishman

SVP Digital Strategies @ Digital Niche Agency

Sayda Word

Model, Actress, Viral Content Creator, Director

Ayesha Sehra

Head of Social Media Marketing at Grow the Social

Rachel S Lee

CEO of Daily Comissions Club

Max Baumann

Chief Executive Officer of Bear Powerfoods

Justin Wu

ICO Growth Expert

Kristen Hancher

Social Media Influencer | 20M+ TikTok | 5M+ Instagram

The Agenda


Day of growth summit

9:30 AM

Morning Reception and Registration

Check in, grab your badges and start to network with fellow growth marketers.



Welcoming remarks from your co-host Justin Wu and Thomas Ma


Viral Growth Marketing Panel Discussion

Moderator: Justin Wu

About Justin:

A growth marketer & Information Architect who shares daily content on LinkedIn around growth hacks, campaigns, and building communities.

In terms of growth, he has helped brands achieve over $3m in Kickstarter and launched a SaaS company $100k MRR / $1MM ARR within first year.

In the Blockchain industry, he has served as Growth / Marketing Lead with over 15+ Blockchain companies & Dapps on their campaigns.

Panelist 1: Jack Paxton, CEO of VYPER and HYAX

About Jack:

Jack is an experienced full stack digital marketer of 8+ years, specializing in customer acquisition and scaling online businesses.

Past achievements include scaling eCommerce store revenue by 4-5x in 6 months. Growing startups to multi-million dollar run rates in under 8 months and doubling lead funnels for online companies.

He is well versed in all paid platforms like Facebook, Adwords, Twitter, Pinterest and more having spent over $150 million throughout my career ($500M+ in revenue).

Panelist 2:
Vlad Mkrtumyan, CEO of Login Inbound

Vlad Mkrtumyan is a serial entrepreneur, search engine marketing evangelist and a passionate networker, responsible for running five meetups including the Seattle Marketing and Demand Leaders Meetup – the largest marketing meetup in Seattle.

Vlad began his entrepreneurial odyssey as a teenager, when he launched the Shoplletes app which went on to have 30,000 active monthly users and 300,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. Just a few years after his first venture, Vlad started Skyreal, a real estate recruitment CRM for fast growing brokerages, growing to 13 brokerages across three states.Each company that Vlad has started has been bigger and more ambitious, and Logic Inbound is his biggest, most ambitious venture. The SEO business is highly competitive, but running a team of 25 talented individuals, Vlad has propelled Logic Inbound into a fast growing SEO agency in Seattle.

Panelist 3:
Yesim Saydan is a 5-lingual Growth Hacker and Social Media Strategist with extensive international experience.

After being responsible for global projects of multinational brands such as Citibank in New York and BNP Paribas in Paris, she set up her own Digital Consultancy to help companies, whose mission she believes in, reach their goals by bringing out of box thinking to their Social Media Marketing as well as creative Growth Hacking tactics.

Besides mentoring at Google’s Accelerator and running her digital Consultancy, Yesim has been speaking at conferences in China, Singapore as well as many countries in Europe such as Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.


The Rise of Media Panel Discussion

Moderator: Rob Torres, CEO of Millenial Digital

About Rob:

Rob is a consultant in the social media digital marketing space. Focused on using insights gained through micro-content to build creative campaigns that drive real business results.

He is the founder at Millennials Digital, a full service social-media digital shop

Panelist 1: Rachel S. Lee, CEO of Daily Comission Club

Daily Commissions Club is a 52-week group workshop that helps you get daily affiliate commissions. You get the training, community, assistance, accountability and resource you need to make a full-time income working part time hours.

The program is more than a course, yes there are advanced video trainings added weekly, but also templates and downloads, systems, special high ticket offers to promote, the private fb group, and weekly mastermind calls.

Panelist 2: Stacia Kennedy, Virtually Famous Marketing

Panelist 3: Ayesha Sehra, Grow the Social

Ayesha is now the founder of Grow The Social, a digital marketing agency who helps brands and business’ thrive in the online space.

Ayesha is extremely passionate in teaching others how to find their own unique voice and differentiate themselves in a saturated marketspace. Through Ayesha’s social media influence, she works with various brands to help them gain exposure to their ideal consumers.

Ayesha's agency helps various business’, brands, leaders, founders, executives, coaches and influencers scale and leverage themselves in the online space to create an ever-thriving business!


Scaling your Digital Brand Panel Discussion

Moderator: Thomas Ma, Partner at Sapphire Apps Media

About Thomas:
Co-Founder of Sapphire Apps Media and Co-host of Stacking Growth.

Thomas and his company has managed over 7 figures in the influencer marketing space. They specialize in helping brands TREND on the internet. His team has worked with TikTok, Zoho, Guess, and many more.

Panelist 1: Ashar Alam, Co-Founder of Think Strategy

Ashar Alam is the co-founder of Think Strategy, a B2B marketing and communications firm, located in Costa Mesa, CA. Think Strategy focuses on B2B sales development for enterprise clients.
For the last decade Ashar has worked behind the scenes creating campaigns for New York Times best-selling authors and internationally known thought leaders in topics such as success, leadership, and personal development.

Most recently his focus has been on using emerging advertising platforms, such as social ads to flood his clients with new business at breakneck speeds. He is currently spending $1MM per month on Facebook Ads and is consistently getting 500% to 1,100% ROI on his ad spend.
When he is not busy working or traveling to conferences he spends his time volunteering at the VA Hospital in Long Beach, CA and teaching his 6 and 3 year old boys how to become entrepreneurs and the importance of value exchange.

Panelist 2: Bernard Ablola, Founder of Think Strategy

Bernard Ablola is the co-founder of Think Strategy. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of B2B lead generation and marketing automation.

Prior to founding Think Strategy, Bernard managed over $25MM in search and display advertising for Microsoft’s top tier clients.

He is an active board member for Holistic Life Foundation, Inc., a Baltimore based nonprofit, that teaches over 7,500+ children nationwide, the practice of mindfulness and yoga.
He received his BA from University of Baltimore and his MBA from Seattle University. On the weekends, you can find him hiking or skateboarding through the Southern California, walking his Pomsky (Google it) or finding THE spiciest Asian food in the city. He is an avid traveler who enjoys visiting art galleries around the world (8 countries in the last 12 months). Some of his favorite places include the Philippines, Hungary and Vienna. When in Asia, he highly recommends NOT eating the ice.


Enjoy lunch Sponsored by Party on Demand


The Power of the Unlikely Partnership: Business Matchmaking That Changes the World

Description - Join Roman Tsunder, CEO & CO-Founder of PTTOW! & WORLDZ for a conversation on the power of partnerships between business verticals that would never otherwise meet. These collaborations create impact that changes entire industries and the world!

Moderator: Shannon Pruitt

Shannon is a globally recognized enterprising, progressive and entrepreneurial marketing,  content, media, entertainment and sports executive. Having worked on all sides of the consumer engagement business, domestically and globally, she currently, via her own advisory company, serves as a CMO/CEO in- residence for brands and publisher where she brings her unique and diverse expertise to all aspects of designing, activating, monetizing and measuring a consumer-led brand, content, or marketing ecosystem.

Most recently, as the global Chief Marketing Officer of The Honest Company, she brought her vast understanding and expertise at the intersection of data & insights, tech, creativity and media to architect a global consumer-led storytelling and an omni-channel marketing approach across the Honest brand and product portfolio. Designed to bring to life The Honest Purpose, Promise and Standard in every interaction and expedite growth domestically and across multiple markets, she stepped in to reposition the current approach, process, and playbook. Leading an inter-disciplinary team, she aligned the organization to develop and implement truly integrated consumer experience ecosystems.

Panelist 1: Roman Tsunder (CEO & Co-Founder of PTTOW! and WORLDZ)

About Roman:

Driven by a passion to influence culture on a global scale, Roman Tsunder serves as Co-Founder and CEO of WORLDZ & PTTOW!, an invite-only, member network for today's most creative CEOs, CMOs and Icons from all 70 major industries who are shaping our world. Members include His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Shaun White, Kerri Walsh Jennings, David Blaine, Quincy Jones, Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk and David Guetta as well as top executives from VICE, GM, Apple, Red Bull, GoPro, Google [x], Coke, YouTube, the U.S. State Dept., Facebook, Instagram, Warner Bros and many more.

Inspiring social impact has also been at the forefront of Roman's career as he was a founding member of and co-founder of, which brought together leading youth movement activists to empower young people to mobilize against violence and oppression.  A professional dreamer with a piercing vision for the future of culture, Roman most recently launched WORLDZ, the first and only future-focused summit and community uniting superstars with rising stars to create the world of tomorrow.

Panelist 2:

Ryan Cummins, Co-Founder & Vice Chair of Omaze

Ryan Cummins is the Co-Founder & Vice Chairman of Omaze, an online fundraising platform that makes giving fun and easy by offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences and dream rewards in support of critical causes.

Over the past few years, Omaze has disrupted traditional models of fundraising and raised over $150M for over 300 charities through campaigns with influencers ranging from Bono to Matt Damon, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Downey Jr., Post Malone, Will Smith, Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Prior to launching Omaze, Ryan was the executive producer of content for "Decade of Difference," working with Bill Gates, Tony Blair, Jay-Z, Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig and other influencers in film, music, politics and sports for the Clinton Foundation's globally televised concert.

2 PM

The Influencer Marketing Panel

Learn what it’s like to work with top influencers and how you can get the best KPI

Moderator: Matt Dugan, CEO and Founder of Team Dugan

About Matt:
Matt Dugan is a Hollywood Mogul in the making. Dugan runs a talent management company, production company, record label and a consultancy firm. He made this website so fans can get exclusive content and updates on his talent like nowhere else seen on the net.

His team currently manages Kristen Hancher (20M+ TikTok Followers), Dani Cohn (11M + TikTok Followers), Piper Rockelle, and other top social media influencers.

Panelist 1: Kristen Hancher, Social Media Creator | 20M+ TiKTok Followers | 5M+ Instagram Followers

Kristen Hancher is a popular social media star. She has over 9 million followers on (now known as TikTok). She has posted a number of videos featuring popular musical numbers. She often posts videos of her lip synching to songs. Kristen Hancher loves sports and travelling, regularly posting travelogues or photos in an outdoor setting.

She is very popular on Instagram, and has a strong interest in photography. Many of her videos comment on clothing brands and fashion. She is also an artist and art lover, an avid dancer, and a fitness enthusiast.

Panelist 2 & 3: Wilkings Sister

The Wilking Sisters are the sister duo queens of Tik Tok with over 1m followers on the app they have been able to hone their own show on Seventeen Magazine’s website and appear in a national commercial for Ubisoft’s Just Dance.

Panelist 4: Saxon Sharbino, Social Media Influencer

Saxon Paige Sharbino is an American actress. She is best known for portraying Amelia Robbins in the Fox series Touch and Kendra Bowen in the 2015 remake of Poltergeist.


Leveraging Messenger Chatbot for your ECOM brand Panel

Moderator: Arri Bagah, CEO of ROAS Positive

Arri Bagah is on a mission to grow revenue for 1,000 e-commerce brands. He is the founder and CEO at ROAS Positive. For the past four years, Arri and his team focused on growing revenue for e-commerce brands using paid advertising and messaging.Arri recently spoke at Traffic & Conversions Summit and Conversations conference, the biggest Messenger marketing conference in the world.

Panelist 1: Chris Rose, Head of Digital at GUESS

Chris runs all the digital and retail initiatives for GUESS. Previously at Turn 5, Tillman Speed, PREIT, Gustin Denim, Artisan Exchange, Golden Valley Farms, State Farm, Strange Music, and Psychopathic Records.

Panelist 2: Max Baumann, CEO and Founder of Bear Powerfoods


BEAR is an award-winning meal shake. It has more nutrient variety than an kale salad, moreprotein than 3 eggs, and more probiotics than 4 kombuchas with only 5 net carbs.


How to grow your Instagram & Influence Panel

Moderator: Kendra Zager

About Kendra:
Kendra Zager is a freelance social media producer for MTV, Buzzfeed's Facebook Watch, among others. At Playboy Enterprises, she worked as Audience Development Manager where she launched, grew and managed over 25 million followers cross platform, as well as developed social media for Playmates and talent.

Kendra then consulted for The Wonderful Company on their analytics platform Sprinklr & managed their Facebook and Instagram ads. The digital entertainment start-up, Arsenic, recruited her as Digital Director & Producer. Currently, she offers an online course "Master Your Brand On Instagram", consults with talent, live-streams on the app Live AF (launch partner with Arsenic), and runs her own Hollywood Lifestyle Instagram @KendraZager.

Panelist 1:
Caitlin O'Connor, Social Media Influencer (500k+ followers)

About Caitlin
Caitlin is a social media influencer in the LA area. She is also an actress / tv host / elite athlete.

Panelist 2:
Sayda Word, Model, Actress, Viral Content Creator, Director

Sayda Word creates viral content. Sayda invented the Hot Potato Challenge, which reached 60+ million views worldwide. She writes and directs viral videos/social media skits for herself (@saydaword), influencers like Ray Diaz (3M+), and several companies with a combined net reach of over 10 million.Sayda has shot for Worldstar (22M+), Jake Paul (11M+), Rudy Mancuso (8M+), Julius Dean (6M+), Sexyjefo and BoxBoy (5M+), Blake Webber (1M+), and several other talented influencers.

She has modeled for brands like Lancôme, Dior, Amazon, etc... and is the Top US streamer on a Live Streaming app. Through hard work, creativity, social media savvy, and an energetic personality, Sayda was able to grow her social media following. Sayda recently used her social media influence to win Hollywood & NYC Times Square billboards, influencer trips, and was the first ever petite model to walk the runway during London fashion week.

Panelist 3:
Michelle XuXu, Arsenic


Scaling your Facebook Ads Panel


Nick Shackelford, Director of Strategy at Common Thread Collective

About Nick:

Nick Shackelford began his digital experience working along side PepsiCo Restaurants focused on filling their stores with millennials. He then began his media buying on behalf of Apple's team in Los Angeles and was a part of launching both the iPhone 7, iPad Pro, and iWatch.

Quickly shifted his attention to more DR products and businesses and co-founded and accelerated (largely due to the trend and was the first to launch that initiative back in 2017) and then parlayed that into working to build as many brands across multiple niche's as possible: Snow, Ample Meal, Biotrust, Fidgetly, Diff Eyewear, Pupsocks, Slick, Ample, 5.11 Tactical and many more. Now I sit between media buying, creating transactionally focused content and leveraging Influencers at Commonthread Collective in Newport Beach.

Panelist 2: Geoff Shames

Panelist 3: Jason Fishman, SVP of DNA

Jason Fishman has 10+ years experience as a “New Media Enthusiast”, who genuinely enjoys planning, activating, and managing scalable marketing strategies across the full-spectrum of verticals and goals. He is an expert in digital channels including Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, Programmatic Ad Exchanges, Influencer Networks, Email Automation, Content Marketing, and Partnerships. He has held leadership roles at all sides of the marketing table: Agency, Brand, and Vendor, which explains his ability to structure unique opportunities for DNA clients.

Jason managed the Product Marketing Division of a major Mobile Ad Network who exclusively represented ad inventory for 1,500+ Print Publishers Tablet apps and worked with many Top 100 Advertisers. Leveraging traffic algorithms, Jason now takes this knowledge and applies it to scale brands with effective marketing tactics.

Since launching DNA in 2014, Jason and the team have worked with over 250 brands and deliver industry-leading results across eCommerce, Lead Generation and Digital Funding campaigns. DNA worked with over 40 Reg CF, Reg A, Reg D, and International ICO campaigns that have produced over $75m in funding.



Hosted by Willie Green, Founder of Party on Demand

About Willie:
Today, as the CEO of Party On Demand App, we have the privilege to be part of people’s best celebration moments. It’s our absolute passion to to create joyful celebrations for others.
With the Party on Demand App, you can coordinate a party – for any number of guests - as easily as ordering an Air B&B.

Panelist 1: Dante Santiago, CEO & Founder of Ghettro Inc

Panelist 2: Catherine Santiago, CFO of Ghettro Inc

Panelist 3: Malcolm D. Kelley, Actor, Platinum Recording Artist 1/2 of (MKTO)


Scaling your Digital Brand Panel

Moderator: Anish Dalal, Co-Founder of Sapphire Apps Media

About Sapphire Apps Media:
Sapphire Apps Media is a viral marketing agency based out of Los Angeles California. We are a performance based agency. Our mission is to turn content into viral trends on social media.

To make trends, we leverage our network of over 1B followers. As a team, we have managed over 7 figures in this space, and have proven results to make viral trends. 

We’ve worked with clients like TikTok, Pluto TV, GUESS, Zoho, and many others…

Panelist 1:
Kyle Massey, Actor, Musician, Producer and Entrepreneur

Panelist 2:
Hana Giraldo, Social Media Influencer / Entrepreneur-Fashion Designer

6PM to 8 PM

Networking Mixer



APRIL 20, 2019
Hosted at Ethos Society Koreatown


3435 Wilshire Blvd 14th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010




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